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August 15, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

Facebook Pages You Never Liked to Appear On Your Wall Soon

Facebook seems determined to impress investors, as today it begins testing an aggressive web and mobile news feed ad unit that lets Pages pay to show their posts to people who didn’t subscribe to them. the new ad unit is currently part of a very small test, presumably only available to handful of businesses and shown to just a small percentage of the service’s users.

Now a Page with no fans could buy their way into millions of news feeds. That could shake advertiser faith in the importance of the earned media available through Pages, and lead them to be more conservative about buying fans in the future.

Read more at TechCrunch

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August 7, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

Five Common Mistakes in Copywriting

Copywriting is Design

Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares. The copywriter has ultimate responsibility for the advertisement’s verbal or textual content. He or she is responsible for telling the story, crafting it in such a way that it resonates with the viewer/reader, ideally producing an emotional response.

Adam Kreitman, an online marketing consultant who owns Words That Click, a firm focusing on SEM for small businesses, writes that when copywriting, you may be able to initially hook a reader with an attention grabbing headline, but that’s just the first step. If you’re not careful, you could make one of these common copywriting mistakes.

1. Focusing on yourself/your company

2. Focusing on features

3. Being too formal, stiff and/or boring

4. Saying too much

5. Weak (or Non-existent) call to action


Read the detail of each mistake at The Daily Egg

Introduction source from Wikipedia

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July 7, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

America’s 15 Highest Paying Jobs in 2012

Jim Depuy, Safeway pharmacist looked into the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for the highest paying jobs in America, which the average salaries were broken down into geography and industry. So, are you in the right career path or not? Maybe, it’s not yet too late to change gears.

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July 6, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

AOL is Building Refrigerator-sized Data Centers

AOL data centers about the size of French door refrigerators

AOL’s CTO Mike Manos calls it “Data Center Independence Day.” The “Nibiru” group, aptly named after a mythical planet that is said to cross into our solar system and wreaks havoc and brings about great change, was to develop and deliver a data center environment without the need of a physical building. “The environment needed to require as minimal amount of physical ‘touch’ as possible and allow us the ultimate flexibility in terms of how we delivered capacity for our products and services. We called this effort the Micro Data Center. If you think about the amount of things that need to change to evolve to this type of strategy it’s a bit mind-boggling,” Manos wrote in his blog.

What’s at stake with this new technology in cloud computing?

Developing an entirely new Technology Suite and the ability to deliver that capacity anywhere in the world with minimal to no staffing.

Delivering extremely dense compute capacity (think the latest technology) to give us the longest possible use of these assets once deployed into the field.

  • The ability to deliver a “Microdata Center” anywhere on the planet regardless of temperature and humidity settings.
  • The ability to support, maintain, and administer remotely.
  • The ability to fit into the power envelope of a normal office building.
  • Participation in our cloud environment and capabilities.
  • The processes by which these facilities are maintained and serviced.
  • and much much more.

The first beta site for the technology was the AOL campus in Dulles, Virginia.  Out on a lonely slab of concrete in the back of one of the buildings our future has taken shape.

AOL’s new boxes might be about the smallest data-center-in-a-box units around, but they’re actually part of a great move toward modular data centers across companies of all types. As I reported in April, eBay is buying custom-built containers full of thousands of servers that it can drop into (or on top of) its data centers as capacity dictates. IO Data Centers has built an entire business around modular data centers that can sit just about anywhere.

Sources: Giga Om | Loose Bolts (Mike Manos Blog)

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July 6, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

Your PC Might Lose Internet Access on Monday

More than a quarter of a million PC users could find themselves cut off from the Internet on Monday as the FBI takes down a safety net protecting them from a specific piece of malicious software. Some 277,000 Windows PC users in homes and businesses worldwide, including 64,000 in the U.S. They still have not cleaned up a specific piece of malware spread to 570,000 machines more than a year ago.

Last fall, FBI agents discovered — then took offline — the computer servers that criminals were using to control PCs carrying this malware. The agency also activated replacement servers as a safety net, so that the victims would not lose Internet access immediately. That highly unusual back-up system is being shut down as of 12:01 a.m. ET on Monday.

To know more on how to tell if your PC is affected, go to USA Today–Tech

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July 4, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

Sleeping on the left side of the bed makes you…

…more positive and cheerful.

Next time someone asks you if you got out of bed of the wrong side, you’ll be able to give them an accurate answer. Research released today has shown that there is such thing as a right and wrong side.

The study of 3,000 adults found that that those who sleep on the left are generally more cheerful, but they are also more positive and capable of tackling heavy workloads and a stressful day ahead. The upbeat morning mood of ‘lefties’ may also go as far to explain why more than half of them refuse to swap sides with their other half.

Read the entire article at Uber Facts

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June 28, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

American Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling on Obama Healthcare Reform

Americans for Job Security: “While President Obama promised not to raise taxes on America’s Middle Class, the Supreme Court today confirmed that he has raised taxes on not only the Middle Class, but every single American.”

Log Cabin Republicans: “Log Cabin looks forward to working with our Republican allies in Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare with real, market-driven reforms that will lower costs while preserving the standard of care Americans deserve.”

Virginia Young Democrats: “The president’s efforts on healthcare have made it a functional reality for millions of Americans who could never have afforded basic coverage under the rising costs within the system.”

The National Retail Federation: “As it stands, the law wrongly focuses more on penalizing employers and the private sector than reducing health costs.”

Taxpayers Protection Alliance: “Obamacare today became the largest tax increase in American history. The health care law has nearly doubled in cost from $940 billion to $1.76 trillion and taxpayers deserve nothing less than full repeal and defunding by Congress.”

Service Employees International Union (SEIU): “Thanks to President Barack Obama and the members of Congress who believed that passing this law would not only save lives, but endow our children with a more promising and secure future, there are more than 100 million Americans of all political parties, ages, incomes and occupations that are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.”

Maryland Hospital Association: “The health care reform bill is not perfect — what legislation ever is?”

American Hospital Association: “The decision means that hospitals now have much-needed clarity to continue on their path toward transformation.”

Mercer (health care consultants): “The law represents an enormous step forward in our efforts to expand access to care for individuals with mental health or substance use conditions and in our advocacy for prevention of these conditions.”

March of Dimes: “This law will give more pregnant women access to prenatal, maternity and postnatal care; more children the ability to obtain lifesaving vaccines and services to ensure their healthy development; and more families the financial security of knowing that they have adequate c.”

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield: “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is historic and allows the country to move forward towards the goal of providing health care coverage to all Americans.”

American Medical Group Association: “We would encourage federal policymakers to remember that delivery system reform is not dependent on any single piece of legislation, but rather the continuing efforts of patient-centered organizations beyond the Beltway that are making healthcare advancements day-in and day-out.”

Read the complete statements issued by these organizations at the Washington Business Journal

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