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Workspresso has been a favorite monicker of mine for some time now. It connotes two things I like in life, besides my family: work and espresso, the latter of which is a purist’s term for coffee. In 2007, after moving to the Philippines the previous year to help set up and operate a Canadian-Philippine joint venture call center, I got together with four good friends and founded Workspresso, Inc. Unfortunately, the partnership didn’t work. Sad but life goes on.

I have been married to beautiful, talented and charming woman for 15 years and we have two wonderful kids; she is also a great mother to our children. My dad, Antonio Lumanlan Pekson, passed away two weeks after I got married while my mom opted to migrate to the U.S. and has been staying there ever since. My family and I live in Canada though my wife and I are estrangely separated, so to speak.

I’ve worked for a paycheck for 24 years — in I.T., direct sales, fashion magazine publishing, telecommunications and BPO. As I mentioned, I went into the entreprenur world in 2007 but things didn’t work out right. Lost a lot of money along the way, too. But, hey! Life is good! God is good! Life goes on!

Today, I have pursued my quest for good-paying and interesting work while trying to fulfill some ambitions or dreams — for my family, mainly. However, I continue to fascinate myself with matters that involve good business, technology, the internet, lifestyle snippets, family matters (sometimes) and anything that I find interesting enough to share to like-minded people.

I do hope you enjoy coming back to my blog and getting tickled about the many fascinating things the internet and the world brings us.

Which leaves me to one more thing — my job today.

Having 20+ years of leadership & management in BPO, IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Social Media, I am today a managing partner of GoAutoDial Inc., a company that operates a complex system in the cloud which provides a web-based automated interface to the conversation between your customers and your workforce. From the efficient distribution of calls to  predicting how many numbers should be dialed per Rep to lessen idle time, GoAutoDial gives your organization access to automated functions and operational information anytime, anywhere.

In 2011 alone, GoAutoDial had more than 2,000 sign-ups for our solution, worldwide! From the Philippines, United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Germany, not to mention up-and-coming BPO industries in Costa Rica, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, China, Colombia, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Algeria, Chile, Romania and so much more, small, mid-size and even large organizations got our solutions because they knew they were getting a robust, stable technology that fit the need to simplify the “customer conversation.”

If you want to know more about GoAutoDial, please visit the website (which I created) at

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