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January 12, 2012 / Raffy Pekson II

Do You IFTTT – IF-This-Then-That

About ifttt

This could be the next, big thing in social media. “IfThisThenThat lets all your online stuff work together to do way more interesting stuff,” writes Scott Hanselman. “(It’s) is a cloud-based, open-ended, web workflow creator building on existing social APIs to create more sophisticated distributed aggregated tasks.”

John Pavlus writes: “Wouldn’t it be great if Twitter and Instapaper were connected to each other, so every time I favorited a tweet with an interesting link, it would automatically show up in my Instapaper queue ready for me to read?” Unless you’re capable of deciphering [url=]this Klingon-esque documentation[/url], you’re out of luck.

You can teach your smart phone all kinds of smart tricks, from updating social networks to adding events to my calendar. With this tool you can create simple rules involving an action and a reaction. Supported programs include Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Calendar, Gmail and so much more.

Here’s an example for your mobile phone. “If I send a text message to ifttt including the word “#post” it will be posted to Facebook as my status.”

Here’s another example: “I set up this to get every email from my wife Kathy.”

Anyway, just go to and start your “Idiot’s Guide to Creating Awesome APIs!”

Sources & Images: Computer Zen | Make Use Of | Fastcodesign



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