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October 15, 2011 / Raffy Pekson II

Health Tips That Are Weird But Work

High Heels @ Arts et Métiers

1. High heels save knees

Researchers discovered that wearing high heels may make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in their knee joints as they age. By exercising the muscles of the leg, heel-wearers may build up better support for their knees. An Italian urologist also says high heels directly work the muscles which are linked to an orgasm.

2. Ditch the moustache

A moustache can aggravate hay fever by trapping pollen. Washing moustaches twice a day with liquid soap results in using fewer antihistamines and decongestants.

3. Keep medicine with the linen

If medication is constantly exposed to light, heat or humidity, it could degrade faster than it should, thus reducing its potency and efficacy. The linen closet is ideal for storing medications.

4. Retune the radio to lose weight

Doing something different every day like switching radio stations shakes us out of our routine and can help us kick bad habits.

5. Wash your hands after getting cash

Cash machines are dirty and carry the same germs as public toilets. “If people don’t wash their hands properly, all sorts of organisms will be transferred to the buttons on an ATM.”

6. Use soap, not handwash

Scientists have warned that expensive antibacterial washes are no better at cleaning hands than ordinary soap and the former may even encourage superbugs.

7. Sniff an apple to stop a migraine

The odor of green apple helped reduce the severity of migraines. The happy associations of the odor may also help to distract people from thinking about the pain of the migraine.

8. Flush with the lid down

If you don’t, polluted water particles float for a few hours around your bathroom before they all land, some on your toothbrush.

9. Drink chocolate milk for fitness

Two primary things you are trying to do after exercise: recover and encourage the muscles you have worked to become stronger. A bit of protein provides the most effective way of doing this. Milk gives you a consistent source of protein, along with water and electrolytes. The chocolate provides useful carbohydrates and even the relatively high sugar content is an acceptable means of restoring lost energy.

Read the entire article at Adelaide Now

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