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August 18, 2011 / Raffy Pekson II

Air Canada Will Soon Be Hiring New Pilots

Air Canada has embarked on a hiring spree to fill its dwindling ranks of pilots as the market once again heats up to attract the best and the brightest to cockpits around the globe. As passenger demand started to pick up again, Air Canada has been steadily increasing its capacity, not by adding new planes, but by increasing the amount of hours a day they are flown.

Air Canada estimates that between 2009 and 2013, nearly 20% of its 3,000 pilots will hit their mandatory retirement age of 60.

(However) new pilots at Air Canada are not granted flight passes until after six month of service. So, if they need to fly back to their bases, they have to use so-called ‘jumpseats,’ which are typically fold-down seats reserved for pilots.

ICAO anticipates that by 2030, global airlines will require 980,799 pilots, up from the current number of 463,386. This will require about 52,000 to be trained each year over the next two decades, taking into consideration attrition. That far exceeds the current training capacity by about 8,150 pilots a year.

British Airways, for example, launched a recruitment drive last week aimed at hiring 800 pilots by 2016. The initiative includes a “future pilots program” where the airline will finance the cost of training new pilots to be repaid by the pilots later in their careers once they are recruited.

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