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  1. Mariela / May 14 2010 11:02 pm

    I absolutely loved the way you wrote this entry. I specially laughed out loud when I read about the pets and farms taken care of!
    I have to agree that Facebook is escalating itself into a dangerous territory that requires much more caution from its users to ensure privacy settings are carefully checked and reviewed. It bothers me that I have to keep checking boxes and screening myself to ensure my privacy; however, once you know how to use it, FB has great advantages as a way to connect not just to your friends but clients and potential clients.
    At the end, the choice of quitting FB will depend on whether the connectivity between its features and benefits keep aligned to what the end users are looking for.
    So far, so good for me.
    Best Success with your blogging!

  2. Antonia / May 20 2010 12:29 pm

    People need to relax…I don’t really care if strangers can see pictures of my birthday cake or know what university I went to. Clearly, you’re an idiot if you put your address or phone number on facebook but if you’re seriously scared that someone will see that you live in LA or NY then maybe you should leave because you’re delusional…no one cares!

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