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January 13, 2010 / Raffy Pekson II

Dell Unveils PC for Retail Registers, Kiosks, Hospital Cabinets

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Dell has designed the PCs to fit under registers and kiosks, or tucked into hospital cabinets. The customizable PCs for OEMs, health care providers and retail is designed to withstand high heat (up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit with an optional ducting kit.), dust (an optional dust filter is available to help reduce downtime associated with dust removal), and 24-hour operation. The desktop fits easily into medical carts, video rental kiosks, retail point-of-sale systems, and other custom deployments.

The system comes with a variety of peripheral connectors, including PS/2, Serial RS-232, VGA, and up to seven USBs. Powered USB and powered serial connectors are available as options. Dell offers the OptiPlex XE to original equipment manufacturers, which can choose to customize and resell the system under a different brand. The desktop has a 3.5-year lifecycle and prices start at $709.

Read more at Information Week.


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