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September 23, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Apple Store Employee Walkout Planned

Apple is in the verge of reeling into a labor walk out by disgruntled employees of its retail store in Alderwood Mall in Washington, according to the IFO Apple Store website. FastCompany is also reporting a planned walkout by one employee in Apple’s Lynnwood, Washington store. The reason for all these? Complaints about abusive management and probable labor law violations. The two articles cite employees complaining to Apple’s HR group but taking a year or so before Apple headhonchos act on these complaints. FastCompany’s article says employees were constantly being threatened with being fired and new people who were hired knew nothing about Macs or other Apple products, and were being paid higher than the employees who are fervent Apple “die hard” fanatics.

Disgruntled specialists, technicians, and geniuses, unhappy with management’s “abusive” behavior, are planning a walkout for 1pm next Saturday, Oct. 3, becoming the first labor action against Apple by its employees. Several former employees plan to join the strike.

Source: FastCompany and IFO Apple Store.


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