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September 5, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Auto-reply in Twitter-scape

Enrico Pandian (@superpandi) tweeted me about TwitReply which is an automatic application that reply to twitter conversation for FREE. With twitReply you can automatic reply to other conversation with a customized text/link.

The site lists four rules:

(1) You can’t place an automatic-reply tweet on keywords that generate more than 5 tweet/hour.

(2) Your automatic-reply tweet will be reviewed by a human.
Ok. This may take a minute or an hour?

(3) If your automatic-tweet will generate less then 30% CTR (click-through-rate), your tweet will be deleted.
So, there’s got to be a link in your auto-tweet?

(4) You can send only 1 tweet per tweeter.
I’m assuming “per tweeter” means one Twitter account, eh?

TwitReply is owned by Italian company “Idea Manager” and is managed by Enrico.

Link: (it’s DOT-NET, not dot-com).


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