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September 3, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

How Can Businesses Use Twitter

Silicon Alley Insider’s Shel Israel has some good recommendations where businesses can actually benefit or gain by letting Twitter become a productive tool rather than a nuisance. Check it out:

Always-on newsletter – much like YM, it allows your workforce to collaborate across divisions, departments and channels.

Recruit talent – using the online social media is a great place to find the right candidate.

Launch for nearly nothing – launch and build the base of customers.

Cultivate a valuable niche – learn the value of listening than speaking (joke: that’s why God created man with two ears and one mouth — so we can listen more)

Roll your own marketplace – new buyers and sellers are mostly found through Twitter

Show that the company is at least slightly cooler and hipper that the image implies – even if you’re a 100-year old company; especially if you’re a 100-year old company!

Source: Silicon Alley Insider.


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