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May 21, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Presentation advice a la Steve Jobs

“We’ve all had that moment in front of the c-suite honchos where you blank on what to say. But it’s essential to learn how to stand in front of an audience and deliver a presentation that is spectacular.” Click here to read more.

This short article says it all. I mean, “talk about how to deliver it really good.” I’ve been doing presentations and delivering training to so many groups I earnestly implore you to follow these four simple rules, the first of which says “Don’t talk too long because people get bored and tune out.” A twenty minute monologue already bores me down to sleep. Also, one thing I use to do when I was just starting was to rehearse in front of a full-body mirror, watching my facial expression, my body language and how I use my arms. This technique is a “must” especially when you’re delivering to a VIP crowd where you can’t make too many mistakes.

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