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May 21, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Philippines Ranks 7th in Outsourcing

A.T. Kearney management-consulting firm has ranked the Philippines in the seventh spot of the world’s best place to outsource, out of 50 countries in its Annual Global Services Location Index for 2009. The country covers around 15% of the global outsourcing market and leads Chile but is only second to India. Thailand and Indonesia ranks above the Philippines only because of cost; however, the survey notes that the country continues to exemplify strength in English skills where the language is a means of education.

The Philippines is outranked by Thailand and Indonesia because of cost and outranked by India because of its population and the scope that “outsourcing” embraces. However, for English-speaking, voice- and composition/correspondence-centric work, the Philippines is the best country to outsource in the entire world. It’s population of 80+ million people are educated using the English language. It’s business practices are copies of the United States. However, it’s culture is very much Asian – humble, non-controntational, very helping and family-oriented.

If you’re looking to outsource in the Philippines for your call center or contact center needs, go to the About link of this website and personally get in touch with me.

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