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April 27, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Work the Way you Want!

Don’t sacrifice personal gains and family time for more work. At the end of the day, it’s not worth it because face it — we only live once! That’s what Workspresso offers you — the ability to “Work the Way you Want” so that your life becomes more meaningful; even at work, the tasks you do become more meaningful than mundane and repetitive. Because when you “Work the Way you Want,” everyone benefits!


Friends and new business acquaintances often ask two things when I hand over my business card to them: what does “Workspresso” mean and what exactly is it that you do? I always told myself (silently) that I should video-record myself and post that in YouTube; however, I think I’ll sound better if I write it down.

For the first question, “Workspresso” is a combination of two words I love — work and espresso. I probably rubbed off the “I love work” penchant from my dear ol’ dad (God rest his soul) who was someone of a workaholic, too. In my younger days, I would go with him to his office at the Philippine Refining Company, now renamed as Unilever Philippines, Inc., and wonder in amazement of boilers and boiler rooms and mechanical engineering stuff. I would keep myself busy by sketching things that I saw or imagined in my head. But my parents would make it a point not to schedule anything on Sundays and keep that day for the family. “Family Day” was sacroscant to us, even if we were only three people in the family. From my childhood days up to the Sunday before I got married, no one was allowed to schedule activities unless it was a school requirement, a close relative’s important event (e.g. weddings, wakes and burials) or an emergency of sorts. So, despite being a workaholic, there was consistency in his balance for work and family time. And that rubbed off on me.

Coffee was something I didn’t enjoy the moment I first tasted it. Everyone around me drank instant coffee before — Nescafe or Cafe Puro. Taster’s choice was for special occasions. Robusta and Arabica beans were unknowns until Nescafe came out with the commercial explaining what each on was. It was only when I started working that I needed to drink coffee and brewed coffee was what was available in the office. I didn’t even know what was the brand of the ground coffee beans were. Dunkin Donuts offered one of the best brewed coffee around. Then came “Bunchums” and “Dean Street” which offered so much variety of coffee mixtures and coffee beans from around the world (I always loved the taste of their Blue Mountain coffee). “Hot Mocha Java” of the latter coffee place was a favorite between my wife and I during the eight years we were dating. Figaro opened in 1993. In 1994, I had my first taste of Starbucks brewed coffee in Sydney, Australia. The next year, I tasted its variety of coffee mixes at the Marpole branch of Starbucks in Vancouver, BC along Granville Street. In 1997, Starbucks opened it’s first store in the Philippines at the 6750 Building along Ayala Avenue. Seattle’s Best opened at Greenbelt 3 in 2003 but I was already hooked to the Starbucks blend and have been since then.

So, there goes the story about the company name. Now comes what we do. In a nutshell, Workspresso’s competencies are geared towards the following:

Setting up call centers. The partners of the company have had their individual and collective experiences setting up call centers as little as 25 seats to as high up as 80 seats. We come in as consultants and advisers, from site evaluation, floor plan development, selection of furniture and fixtures, structrued cabling, acquisition and installation of computer equipment, all the way through recruitment and hiring of its operational workforce.

Providing a total call center solution. In the initial centers the partners have setup, they worked with enterprise versions of Linux-based software and Oracle’s Call Center Anywhere suite. Workspresso started using the hosted call center solution of Proximo Systems, Inc. DBA Kunnect (see since 2007. In the latter part of 2008, Workspresso began reselling the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and became Kunnect’s sales and marketing arm in the Philippines. Besides referring to for a detailed description of the solution, you can also checkout for information of Workspresso’s experience with Kunnect.

Management of call centers. Workspresso has managed over 200 seats in various call centers in the Philippines from its inception in 2007, with the majority running U.S. sales and marketing oriented projects (or campaigns). It provides top-to-bottom operational supervision, guidance and directions to achieve revenue targets and expense budgets.

Online Business Development. Far from saying it’s just web design and development, we actually start work on paper before any beta testing or changes in an existing website is created. Websites can just be sitting there doing nothing productive or it can create wonderful gains and earnings to your organization. We don’t want to create virtual catalogs but virtual “storefronts” that people can visit, look at your products or services, ask questions, get free advise, try out some samples, learn more about the people behind the storefront counter and the entire organization — all in the spirit of getting these visitors to become your customers for life. It actually sounds like the storefront is a physical store in a community of residential and business dwellers, right? Yup! It is. So, don’t get the preconceived notion that doing things online is so much different than having some brick-and-mortar store. No matter how good you design your website with all the whizbangs of HTML magic, if it’s not convenient for visitors, it’s not going to work. That’s why Workspresso always puts emphasis on making sure your online business (or non-business) does the right thing.

Management Consulting. The people behind Workspresso have created decades of corporate experience in sales, marketing, human resources, operations, revenue management, training and information technology in various industries like manufacturing, retail sales, direct sales, telecommunications, academe, media publishing, BPO, information technology, ISP, travel services and many more. We can provide on-site or off-site consulting, advisory, business process evaluation and reengineering, training and other consultative activities.

We are not a big enterprise with consultants of average experience and competence. We are a small group with people who love what they do and have a high level of experience and competence. That’s the only difference between Workspresso and the rest of the “name brand” outfits. In addition, we have also maintained a high level of trust and consistency in what we do. If we can’t do it, we won’t do it; we’d rather refer you to people who can do it right the first time. Honesty and transparency is key to everyone’s success, in addition to simplicity of work.

“Work the Way you Want” means that however it is you want, plan or dream to work for your organization, that’s exactly how we would find a way for you to do so. Nobody wants to be forced to go beyond their norms and sacrifice time for personal gains or their family. When your time at work conflicts with your personal time, it simply means you and your organization already need help. Getting our help is not about “cost cutting” — it’s making your organization run things simpler, more economical and better for everyone in the team. When things run smoothly in your organization and you “Work the Way you Want,” you and your teammates get to spend more time trying to build your business or service than doing the mundane and repetitive.

But, first things first: we need to talk — face-to-face or a conference call. Being people that we are, we also need our gut and intiutive side to tell that when we both partner together, some semblance of trust, no matter how small, can already be built from the onset — before written contracts and agreements are made. This makes it easier for each one to start work on a harmonious level than a guarded mode.

So, call, text-message or e-mail us today.


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