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March 21, 2009 / Raffy Pekson II

Going Back to Basics: Work and Coffee!

If “love and marriage” go together like a “horse and carriage,” then “work and coffee” are just like the lovers in “you and me” – one can’t live without the other. The prose below is my attempt to sponsor an introduction to the many words I am about to share with you through the growing and powerful fourth medium of communication – the internet!

“Workspresso” has been a byword of mine for over 5 years and have kept it as a personal label to what I’ve been doing ever since. The combination of “work” and “espresso” (or coffee) may make you think that I always spend time in coffee shops like Starbucks. I don’t. Well, not everyday, that is. It’s just that both things always exist in my daily routine and if in one day I leave one of them out, my day does not complete itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the romance of going to places without having to bring my work with me. Maybe just a sip of good coffee enamors me to be happy and content. However, my playful mind always lurks to link my sensual observations with my entrepreneurial pondering of business “what if’s.” So, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of work because merely observing my surroundings automatically makes me relate some of these things to the work I do.

What credibility can I show to prove my worth as a worthy read for you? Nothing at all that will stand out. It’s the same as many people out there who show their stuff in the internet — expert opinions and even subtle undertones of financial whiz bangs and business acumen. I am just but one of the 6 billion people on earth. So, let me begin by offering a short list of my profile:

  • I’m 45 years of age, married with 2 kids
  • I’ve had average school grades with no academic awards
  • I can be both a creative thinker and a logical thinker
  • I have been employed for 26 years
  • My first 7 years of work were devoted to the Information Technology industry
  • My next 7 years were spent in 3 Direct Sales companies
  • I had 1 year of work in a media publishing company
  • I worked for 4 years in the Telecom industry
  • I’ve been working for 8 years in the BPO industry
  • I’ve been working for 4 years in Web and Content Management
  • I’ve been an Entrepreneur for 5 years
  • I’ve recently been introduced to the business of global travel services

It is also important to note where my heart and mind stands through the next three paragraphs:

I am an optimist. I love simplicity over complexity. I don’t like gray areas. I love to love and, of course, hate to hate. I continue to believe in my religious faith. I don’t believe in government and corporate politics. I am also practical, which means I don’t believe in idealistic claims — only workable and realistic ones. However, I love “change” and the effects and management of change continue to astound me. I am a social networker, even before Plaxo, Friendster, Ryze, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few. I’ve created many internet groups, between school, corporate entities and sales and marketing channels. I also consider myself a good organizational, management and process troubleshooter.

My few favorite quips are “Think and Grow Rich,” “Every problem always has a solution,” “Hope is Not a Method,” “Change won’t go away; it will only go faster,” “Hope for the best and plan for the worst,” and “Life is Good!”

I am always open to suggestions, even if the theme of the comment lingers on the cynical side. I always believe that God created “free will” in men and that we should use God’s gift to better ourselves, the people around us and the world to which we all share our lives with. “Nothing personal; it’s just business” is a common phrase which I totally believe in and can commit to live exactly by its credo.

In the next articles and essays to come, I will provide you with simple, straightforward orientation, analysis and recommendation in the fields of call centers, outsourcing, web and content management, organizational management, entrepreneurship and small business management; in themes that involve self management, individual business acumen development, salesmanship, marketing and good work ethics and habits. It would be a consolidation of the many things I have experienced and encountered as well as activities that I am presently involved with. I am already foretelling that my personal life will definitely be involved, too. Therefore, everything will be told in the writing style of a “first person,” including real people, places and events.

Let go!



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    Thanks–appreciate the positive comment.

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